Major 2 5 1 Jazz Swing Backing Tracks in 12 Keys

251 jazz backing tracksThis downloadable package contains 12 jazz swing major II V I backing tracks in all 12 keys. These jamming tracks are useful tools for practicing scales, arpeggios and improvisation with your favorite instrument over the most famous jazz chord progression.

  • 12 Wave tracks.
  • 120 BPM (medium swing).
  • 12 Keys.
  • Time signature is 4/4.
  • Royalty free for each track. In return, please credit Backing Tracks Channel.

Released February 12, 2020 by Backing Tracks Channel.

How to Get The Files?

You just need to click in the bandcamp player below


2 5 1 Bundle For Jazz Guitarists

Guitar players, you 'll find a link to a 2 5 1 bundle from our partner Jazz Guitar Licks. It includes three PDF Methods about the II V I chord progression. How to play nice licks and chords over it.

For more info please visit the official website.

2 5 1 Jazz Backing Tracks 1

251 jazz backing tracksHere you'll find jazz backing tracks for practicing over the most famous chord progression found in jazz, the II V I.

Smooth Groove Backing Tracks 1

Smooth backing tracksThis web section provides smooth groove backing tracks for musicians, classified into several styles as Neo Soul, cool funk, Chill, relaxing and lounge music. These jam tracks are generally based on slow beats and basic chord progressions easy to follow and improvise over.

You can buy / download them using the Bandcamp players. You are free to share, copy and redistribute these tracks in any format but you can't use them for commercial purposes.

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